As a business owner, wife, mother of two and a business + life strategist, I wanted to share what I have learned in an unfiltered way. That is where The Aligned Life Podcast was born where we talk about all the good, the suck, the pivotal moments and navigating growing businesses and an inspired life. Weekly, the podcast encompasses all of that and more as I share what I have learned or bring on guests so you can see insight on their lives they are living loudly.

That’s what this podcast is all about.

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080: 6 Lessons From the Bully

I’m going way back today. I’m going back to an experience I had in junior high and high school. Today, I’m sharing my experience with bullying so that it...

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079: What’s Stopping You From Becoming a Badass? with Mariah Prussia

Ready for an edgy, no BS kind of conversation? Certified Personal Trainer, Motivational speaker, single mom of 2 and overall badass, Mariah Prussia joins me on today’s episode to...

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078: Is Living in “Moderation” Keeping You From Your Purpose?

If you feel like you’re coming to the T in the road but are unsure of which way to turn, then it’s time to buckle up. Today, I’m sharing...

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077: Finding Calm in Chaos with Amy DuBois

Do you feel you’re on a crazy roller coaster, always running and doing everything for everyone? Meet my good friend Amy DuBois, who was always on the go, but...

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076: What to do When You Feel Lost

What does your life need right now? In this short and sweet episode, I’m chatting with you about how you lean into nature, the quiet, the space to find...

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075: Bringing Kids + Technology Together: How This Non-profit is Creating a Solution Within a Community with Heidi Domier

What really lights you up? Are you taking action on this passion? Today I talk with Heidi Domier, who shares the passion that led her to creating Central Cass...

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074: The Powerhouses Behind Successful Goal Setting

Ready to become a ninja at crushing your goals? If so, then this episode is a must listen too! Grab a pen and paper to take notes as I...

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073: Imperfect Happiness with David Caspers

Losing a loved one can be difficult, but also help shape who you are now. Today I chat with my cousin, David about how the loss of both of...

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072: The Millionaire Mindset

Ready to get off the mindset hamster wheel? On today’s episode, I’m talking about the actions you can take right now to get your mind right and create the...

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071: Playing for the Person Next to You with Erik Hatch

What’s the best way to create success in your life? It’s not focusing on YOU!  My guest today, Erik Hatch is a successful entrepreneur, realtor, coach, author and more...

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070: Performing To Be Your Best with Callyn Johnson

Today my daughter Callyn joins me once again on the podcast to talk about performance. We talk about the lessons learned in the sports arena, but why you don’t...

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069: Living without limits

What do you see when you hear the word limit, a wall, a barrier? Today on the podcast we explore limits and what you can do today to start...

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