As a business owner, wife, mother of two and a business + life strategist, I wanted to share what I have learned in an unfiltered way. That is where The Aligned Life Podcast was born where we talk about all the good, the suck, the pivotal moments and navigating growing businesses and an inspired life. Weekly, the podcast encompasses all of that and more as I share what I have learned or bring on guests so you can see insight on their lives they are living loudly.

That’s what this podcast is all about.

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088: Staying in Alignment

Today we’re wrapping up season 2 of the podcast. To finish it up, I’m chatting about how to know when you’re feeling misaligned and what you can do to...

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087: Debunking the Morning Power Hour

By now you’ve probably heard of the importance of the morning power hour, but what if that just doesn’t work for you?  Join me today as I debunk this...

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086: Living an Authentic Life Without the Stress

Are stress and anxiety holding you back from living your life? That’s exactly what happened to my guest Lindsay Vettleson. Lindsay joins me today to talk about how she...

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085: Creating the Right Health Vision for You

Without health we have nothing. In this week’s episode, I’m sharing the actions you can take today to find the right vision for your health. So grab a pen...

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084: Are We Losing Our Health Freedom?

Fear. Complacency. Frustration. Are you feeling this in your community and the world right now? My friend and colleague, Dr. Steve Nagel joins me this week on the podcast...

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083: Excuses are Like A-“You Know What”…Ready to Ditch Them Forever?

Do you tell yourself you’re too tired to workout? Or that you don’t have enough time to cook a healthy dinner? Don’t let excuses like these become the habits...

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082: Letting Go When Anxiety Consumes You with callyn johnson

Anxiety. Fear. Panic. These were just some of the emotions Callyn was experiencing earlier this year during a difficult situation. Today, she joins me to talk about what it...

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081: Living Life on YOUR Terms

Tired of doing things the “normal” way? It’s time to stop listening to what everyone else deems as the “right” way to do something and do what feels right...

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080: 6 Lessons From the Bully

I’m going way back today. I’m going back to an experience I had in junior high and high school. Today, I’m sharing my experience with bullying so that it...

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079: What’s Stopping You From Becoming a Badass? with Mariah Prussia

Ready for an edgy, no BS kind of conversation? Certified Personal Trainer, Motivational speaker, single mom of 2 and overall badass, Mariah Prussia joins me on today’s episode to...

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078: Is Living in “Moderation” Keeping You From Your Purpose?

If you feel like you’re coming to the T in the road but are unsure of which way to turn, then it’s time to buckle up. Today, I’m sharing...

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077: Finding Calm in Chaos with Amy DuBois

Do you feel you’re on a crazy roller coaster, always running and doing everything for everyone? Meet my good friend Amy DuBois, who was always on the go, but...

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