Healthy Pregnancy, Easy Delivery and Happy Baby: One Mom Shares Her Secret

Last summer we experienced an awesome blessing in our office. My assistant, Lyndi, gave birth to her second child, a darling little boy, who they named Landon. Of course I have a special bond with Lyndi and Landon, we spent her entire 9 months of pregnancy in the office together! But the truth is, all my mothers and their babies are special. Creating a new life is such a miracle and it’s my calling to support mothers and their newborns to help them be their best throughout life.

The popularity of chiropractic during pregnancy is growing, and for good reason. Regular chiropractic adjustments can help mothers adjust to their changing and growing bodies, relieve pain and pressure on the pelvis, help to alleviate morning sickness symptoms, and provide for a more comfortable and faster labor and delivery. Chiropractic is also beneficial in assisting mothers who are experiencing fertility issues. The mothers in our office report all kinds of additional benefits from happier moods, to better sleep!

Yes, from pre-conception, throughout pregnancy and delivery, chiropractic can help mother and baby have the healthiest and happiest experience possible, and Lyndi and Landon are living proof of that. Don’t take my word for it; Lyndi shares her experience below.

Dr. Tiffany

I had been adjusted during my first pregnancy and I had a healthy pregnancy and a quick, easy delivery (which I credited to chiropractic) so continuing with chiropractic during my second pregnancy was an easy decision for me. I have heard many stories of moms who have had similar experiences with pregnancy, delivery and chiropractic and that only solidified my decision.

I felt great throughout my pregnancy; just minor aches as my belly grew. I believe the reason I felt so good was because I had been receiving regular chiropractic adjustments before getting pregnant, which ensured my body was ready to support me having a baby. As my body started to change and I grew larger, chiropractic was so helpful with the added pressure on my hips and legs.

The biggest thing for me was I had no other pregnancy ‘symptoms’. No morning sickness, no swelling, nothing! My OB was amazed at how good I felt and how I never had a complaint. I was even told at one appointment, “You might not want to tell other moms that you’re eight months pregnant. You look great and feel good, too, and most moms can’t say that.” I knew chiropractic was the secret!

It was wonderful to feel so great during my pregnancy. I believed the baby could feel my emotions. I felt blessed that my attitude and mood was so good; I know Landon could feel that and I’m sure that’s one reason why he’s such a happy baby today.

When it came to the actual delivery, my body was strong and both of my deliveries were quick. Receiving regular chiropractic care not only helped my body be at its strongest, but made sure my pelvis and hips were in position for the baby to come.

Once Landon came into the world it was important to me that he be adjusted right away. We called him a left side leaner! From birth he liked to be on his left side and only liked to turn his head to the left. I recognized that this could be a misalignment within his spine. To most this would have been minor as he could turn to the right, and only preferred the left. He didn’t act like he was in pain. He might have “grown out of it” as people say, but I knew that this position, if left uncorrected, would cause stress in his nervous system that would show up as other symptoms later. It also interfered with breastfeeding as only certain positions were comfortable for him. Getting him adjusted right after birth, and periodically since, has corrected the problem. I feel good about addressing it now when it is minor, versus waiting for a more serious symptom or problem to occur. Who wouldn’t want their baby to start out life at their healthiest?

My advice to other women is to make chiropractic part of your life and your baby’s life, especially when preparing for pregnancy. If you want to enhance your experience and feel your absolute best right through delivery, you have to take care of your body with chiropractic care. It’s good for you, it’s good for baby and studies show it shortens labor and delivery, which I can attest to first-hand!

Lyndi & Landon

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