Shine, Baby, Shine

As the 4th of July nears, I’m usually thinking about the lake, family and friends. I’m helping my mom get the menus ready that appeals to both adults and our kids. When I sat down to write, I was thinking about what inspires me to write. One of them was music lyrics. I came across “Firework” by Katy Perry and since the holiday season is here, I think it’s perfect timing.  This line is what made me keep writing:

You just gotta ignite the light and let it shine/Just own the night like the fourth of July

What does that mean to you?

To me, it means that we all have a light to shine.

I see it as our reason for being, our purpose. The thing that sets us apart from the rest of the world. For me, I want to make an impact helping women and their kids ignite the light and let it shine. I’ve never before felt like the world is ready for this until now.

I was asked by Chris Berg on his radio show a few years back about what I see (in my practice) the biggest issue is with women and health and I said, “the mindset”.  He looks at me surprised and said, “I don’t fully understand, can you please explain more to me and our listeners”? I proceeded to share that if we don’t know how to ignite our light, or even believe we have a light, the body is not going to heal and finding happiness will be in outside-in job. He continued to scowl at me (for those of you who know Chris understand that look), but soon realized what I meant: Our job in this life is to find what our purpose is, what we are passionate about, and share those gifts to the world. That’s what I know I’m gifted at: unleashing the disconnect in the brain and body and help women find their light, ignite it and let it shine.

‘Cause baby, you’re a firework / Come on, show ’em what you’re worth

And when you find that light, ignite it, you ARE a firework. You will shine. You will show the world what you’re ‘worth’. What I hear from women when I say that word is “I don’t know how to have more worth, more confidence  so that I feel that I deserve a great life with amazing relationships.” Yes, I see this as a real challenge and one that is overcome with people around you who are moving you closer to this. You know there’s a spark but over the years, we choose to believe what others say, do or think and it becomes our reality. We find ourselves feeling stuck in a box with all of the top flaps folded over so we aren’t able to get out. We wanted to belong, to fit in; we didn’t believe in our greatest gifts given to us so we chose to be like someone else; we believed it when someone told us we weren’t good at something; we took it to heart when someone close to us betrayed us; we started to not trust our path, our reason for being, our gifts. Begin with YOU. Look in the mirror, today and everyday, and tell yourself “I love you. You are beautiful.” Although it may seem small, it is the beginning to showing ‘em what you’re worth.

I want to leave you with a link to the lyrics. I could have written something with every line, but it means something different to everyone. Reflect on what this means to you. Please comment, share or like. Someone you love is waiting to hear this. If I can help in any way, please take that first step.

Love to you,

Dr. T

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