If You Are Struggling Having A Baby?

It’s definitely one of the most heartbreaking (but so exciting on the other side) aspects of what I do every day: to work with couples struggling to have a baby.

Many of them have been through the gamut of reproductive med testing and they’re “DONE”. After hours of talking and building trust, she opens up. She doesn’t want to be a machine anymore. She wants her body back. She wants her relationship back. She wants to sleep, spend time with friends, and breathe again. She wants to forget about all of the stress and pressure that this process has created.

She’s done struggling, but one thing remains: she still wants a baby.

Are there more issues with infertility now than 10 years ago or are we just hearing about it more (because of the OCD’ness of media now)? According to the CDC, 12% of women age 15-44 in the US struggle with fertility and the numbers keep increasing. That’s a lot. I’ve witnessed so much pain in these women, yet I’ve also witnessed the joy and celebration when they get to see this:


This is what I do. I first investigate to see how her body is working, how it’s functioning. I do this by talking with her, getting previous medical records and do the nerve/spinal exam.

I may refer for x-rays to see how the lower part of the spine looks as that is what is controlling the reproductive and digestive areas of the body. This shows how the brain is controlling her body, in particular the digestive and reproductive system and how stress is affecting how she heals.

Then I’m looking at what she’s putting into her body and what level of stress she’s at (usually a 10/10). These women have either stuffed their feelings, keep forging forward and fall apart while talking with me, or they have hit the bottom. Hard.

These women have had every medical test, lab and scan done and they are negative. Medically, there is so reason for them not to be pregnant. Yet they are stressed and depleted. They have spent hours in doctor’s offices. Their days are consumed with appointments. They have spent thousands of dollars on medical testing, medications and attempts to get pregnant following their process.

“I don’t understand I am struggling to get pregnant.”

The thought that plagues her is, “I was created to be a woman for one big reason: to carry and deliver a baby. I don’t understand why my body is not able to do so. I feel like God has failed me.”

That is the heart-wrenching truth of these beautiful women. I work to change that belief by giving her hope; hope that will last a lifetime in knowing that her body can do what it’s designed to do.

My Action Plan is:

*evaluate the nervous system

  • Test the nerve function to your organs (especially emotional system, digestive, immune and reproductive systems). The area I pay close attention to is the lower back (lumbar and sacral areas). These areas control the digestive and reproductive areas
  • Test to see how you adapt to stress
  • Get your ‘Core Score’ or Health number
  • Adjustments

*address the gut

  • Food
    • The easiest step before doing food sensitivity tests is to avoid gluten and dairy. Chronic inflammation can minimize nutrient absorption and lead to deficiencies in nutrients (including iron and zinc) that you need for optimal sperm, egg and hormone production = healthy pregnancy
    • Eat whole, fresh foods
  • Supplements:
    • Folate (not folic acid), high-quality multivitamin and mineral, probiotics, fish oil
    • There are many others, but they are case to case

* address the stress level

  • Start yoga, meditation, visualization
  • Counseling
  • Exercise

”My job is to get the body talking and healing. Your job is to trust that your body can heal. Then, we get to watch the MAGIC happen.”

Dr. Tiffany

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