You Were Designed To Be Massively Successful

Yes,  you. You’re destined for greatness. Designed to be massively successful in every area of your life: family, health/fitness, emotional, spiritual, relationships, work/purpose and financial.

Don’t let yourself settle for being less than successful.

Do you think, “Someone else has it worse (I call this a compare-itis syndrome)”  or “I have so much going on right now, I’m tired, I’m not able to keep all the balls in the air.” What about this doozy stated with sarcasm: “Well, that success was just passed down to her from her daddy.” Or what about the passive aggressive statement, “I wish I could have a new outfit like that — but, sadly, all my clothes money goes to rent.”

I call these excuses.

I’ve learned that any comment which gives me the permission to blame someone or something else is an excuse. It is a cop out. Come on guys, get real with yourself. Spend some time cleaning out the cobwebs and stop settling for average. As Grant Cardone says in his book, The 10x Rule, it takes as much energy to be average as it does to be massively successful. Get this: It takes as much energy to not do anything as it does to be massively successful. Whoa.

Does having an average purpose and vision change the world? Does having average health allow you to change the world? Does having an average relationship with your partner, kids, parents, friends change the world? Does having an average mindset change the world?

Find out what you were born to do. Pull out your road map. Find your compass. Then hustle.

Start with doing what you love, what fills you up. If that is volunteering at a homeless shelter, schedule it. If it is writing, start a blog. If you love business, learn everything you can about business: read, job shadow, find a mentor. If you want to bigger purpose to hang your hat on, find a company/organization who strives to be massively successful every single day. Get hustling. Keep moving. And of course, take great care of yourself so that you can continue to change the world.

It takes the same amount of energy to do nothing, to be average or to be massively successful. Which do you choose? What is the worst thing that could happen if you go all out?

Here’s to being massively successful, starting today.


Dr. Tiffany

1 comment on “You Were Designed To Be Massively Successful

  1. LeAnn Moen says:

    Love Love LOVE this blog! A little over a year ago, I chose to go back to school to follow my passion, which is natural, holistic healthcare. I threw every self-doubt I had in front of myself, until I either did nothing and felt “stuck” (YUCK) or overcame each doubt and moved forward in spite of the doubts. The last few months have placed other challenges in front of me, but my passion still remains! My drive forward continues, as I work through the challenges that life has put in front of me at this time. This blog inspires me, gives me courage and tells me to PRESS ON! Thank you for your passion and sharing it with all of us!

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