Symptoms: good or bad?

Yesterday after adjusting an amazing kid, her mom asked if there was anything to expect. While struggling with anxiety, sadness and just not feeling “right”, her body feels like it’s been taken over by fear and worries, sadness and confusion.

Mom asked some questions before leaving the first day: Will she be more or less anxious? Will she be more or less tired? Will she be more or less stressed? Will she be more or less sad? What is good change and what is bad change?

My response: “It isn’t about good or bad change, but INTELLIGENT change. When the brain and body are given what they need and they respond, there is a reason and a brilliance even if we don’t know why.”

Chiropractic is seen as a treatment of symptoms and diagnosing problems, following in the footsteps of our medical system. It isn’t that. It’s about expressing the best life you can through your brain and body. And your best life is NOT anxiety, depression, chronic pain, worry and fear. And it most definitely isn’t for a kid. What it is doing is using its brilliance to show you there is imbalance and interruption in your spine creating a system that is in overload and cannot process the external environment appropriately anymore.

And if you knew that your child’s body is brilliant, why is anything less than that acceptable?

Chiropractic is the answer for your child. Every time.

Dr. Tiffany

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