Back to School

5 Steps To Make Going Back To School A Breeze

It’s that time of year again – the kids are heading back to school. I have compiled a to-do list and also a list of resources that have helped me and what I recommend to friends, family and patients. I hope you enjoy! Back to school prep to make September a breeze. Every family has…

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Back to School: Excitement or Anxiety?

No, I’m not talking about the kids. I’m talking about YOU, momma. Are you sad (yet proud…but cannot believe how fast they grew up) that they just started Kindergarten? Are you nervous, wondering if they will be ok with new friends, new teachers, maybe even a new school? Are you stressed just thinking about the…

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Are You Falling Victim to Anxiety of Another School Year?

As I’m back in the office connecting with patients and friends, I’ve been hearing very frequently, “Wow, can you believe that August is already here and school starts soon?” And I think to myself (or most likely out loud), “We still have 4 weeks until school starts!” Now, if this was an excited tone coming…

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