chiropractic for kids

Symptoms: good or bad?

Yesterday after adjusting an amazing kid, her mom asked if there was anything to expect. While struggling with anxiety, sadness and just not feeling “right”, her body feels like it’s been taken over by fear and worries, sadness and confusion. Mom asked some questions before leaving the first day: Will she be more or less…

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What Parents Should Know About Chiropractic

Chiropractic doesn’t treat anything and I don’t fix anything. When I say that, people usually look at me funny. “Ya, but I’m here for you to help”. Yes, I understand. But your body has everything it needs inside of it yet for some reason, it’s not ticking on all cylinders like we want it to…

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Kids and Headaches: Relief and Prevention

One of my biggest goals is for families not to immediately reach into the medicine cabinet. One of my biggest missions is to teach parents what is going on with their kid. Headaches are considered normal because they’re so common. I don’t agree. Barring a rare medical problem, headaches are an issue in the NECK….

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