47: Leading with Heart with LeAnn Moen

Leading with Heart with LeAnn Moen   Steadfast, Unwavering, Loyal is who she is as a wife, mom and a grandma and she waited until the final boy left the nest to pursue her next passion: to GIVE to her rural community in ways they’ve never seen before. It’s been a lifelong dream and while…

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45: Freedom to Feel with Melissa Marshall

Freedom to Feel with Melissa Marshall   Magnetism, Femininity and Deep Passion and if you’ve ever seen Miss Marshall out and about – I KNOW YOU AGREE. There isn’t anyone else I know who can stand out from the crowd – whose smile changes the room, and the people in it – whose presence makes…

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How Our Stress Affects Our Kids’ Health

It’s human nature for our emotions to rub off on others. Dr. Tiffany, discussed how our holiday stress affects our kids’ health, especially behavior and immune function. https://d2pvyxdw30n8fd.cloudfront.net/KVLY/v585941b1115e0/9f4357752257437f9d3c0dba608691f2-SD.mp4 https://d2pvyxdw30n8fd.cloudfront.net/KVLY/v5859421626954/8532ae440e9c44a5a41bf0273642c282-SD.mp4

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