experience your emotions

33: Overthinking: The Toxic Trait Holding You Back

I was asked if I could remove one toxic trait from every person, what would it be and hands down, overthinking. Overthinking decreases clarity, brings doubt and leads to procrastination. But what if we were to reframe overthinking to a journey toward self-discovery and trust in one’s intuition? Through reflection, curiosity, and understanding our habits,…

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32: Embracing Emotional Depth: From Pain to Sweetness

You are meant to experience your emotions in order to experience the sweetness of life. By using your body as a compass and embracing sadness, loneliness, and disappointment, your past experiences can become a catalyst for growth and resilience.  Meet your host, Dr. Tiff Johnson:Intuitive Chiropractor since 2005, Mom, Wife, multi-business owner and activator for…

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