38: Reframing the Past: Dr. Tiff and Dr. Marq’s Journey Back Together

In this episode, Dr. Marq and I share about our past experiences together and our personal discoveries on how fractures can happen in relationships but with honesty, love and understanding the relationship can grow into more than you ever anticipated.    About Dr. Marq: There aren’t many things that irk Marqelle Albrecht more than a…

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37: Why Friendships in Business Matter More Than You Think

Contrary to conventional wisdom, I believe that cultivating friendships with clients and colleagues is not only possible but essential for success. Drawing from personal experiences and insights, I challenge traditional beliefs and share why prioritizing authentic connections has been instrumental in my journey.  Join me as we unravel the misconceptions and embrace a new paradigm…

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Your top 5

When I lead a group, one of my initial questions is “who are the 5 people you spend the most time with?” The next few steps are evaluating if those 5 people are aligned with your values, if you love and respect them, if they create value in your life. While reading the Empowerment Issue…

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