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INSANE in the membrane…INSANE in the brain!

Just like an onion grows from the inside-out, healing happens that way, too. The core is the center of growth, just like our nervous system is the center of healing. So then why do we look to the outside for answers, for treatment for solutions?

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A Parent’s Guide To Raising Healthy Kids

If we teach our kids that great health is possible, imagine what their adult lives will be like? Imagine how they will raise their kids? Would they reach for quick Tylenol, Ambien or Pepto Bismol first? NO! Rather than medicating, raising healthy kids means encouraging prevention. To share perspective, my kids would never think of taking…

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5 Steps To Make Going Back To School A Breeze

It’s that time of year again – the kids are heading back to school. I have compiled a to-do list and also a list of resources that have helped me and what I recommend to friends, family and patients. I hope you enjoy! Back to school prep to make September a breeze. Every family has…

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Halloween…Are You The “Debbie Downer Mom”?

You got it, I am! Every single year, it is a struggle. I don’t want to give out candy, the kids do. I don’t really care for this holiday. I didn’t as a child either…being scared of the dark, scared of scary faces, not knowing who people are or where they may pop up around…

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