Postive Mental Attitude

The 9 Things Crossfit Has Taught Me About Life

1. Compare yourself to yourself, not others. Document to know how far you’ve come, not continuing to stack yourself up to everyone else. Lesson: This is your race. Win it for yourself and nobody else. I hear mommas say this all the time, “I want to exercise for my kids.” I would modify that verbiage…

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Are You Falling Victim to Anxiety of Another School Year?

As I’m back in the office connecting with patients and friends, I’ve been hearing very frequently, “Wow, can you believe that August is already here and school starts soon?” And I think to myself (or most likely out loud), “We still have 4 weeks until school starts!” Now, if this was an excited tone coming…

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Negative Thinking: Can Thoughts Kill?

In last week’s post I shared my “Top 5 Unhealthy Habits Worthy of a Permanent Vacation”. One of the bad habits I shared was negativity. This sparked a lot of conversation in our office. Nobody argued the fact that our thoughts affect our moods and our happiness, but what about our health and well-being? Aren’t…

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