Episode 24: Dr. Tiffany Johnson – The Difference Between Fault and Responsibility

I recently had a discussion with my son about the difference between fault and responsibility. This is an issue that affects every one of us, and when handled properly, can propel us into great things. But when we lean into fault as an excuse or a crutch, we’re setting ourselves up for patterns of avoidance…

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Need a kick in the booty? Motivational Speech… Just Because

It’s time…the honeymoon is over. The training and knowledge gathering is behind you. We are each responsible for ourselves, fully responsible, in order to make the impact that I’ve been chosen for.

This is what you need to make the greatest contribution in the world…

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Do Holiday Weekends = Train Derailment of Your Goals?

I decided in May that I was ready to take 100% responsibility for my health and get back to being as congruent on the outside as the inside. To do this in the summer was a HUGE perceived risk: strict times of eating, strict menu, no alcohol, no late night snacking. That means no dairy,…

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