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076: What to do When You Feel Lost

What does your life need right now? In this short and sweet episode, I’m chatting with you about how you lean into nature, the quiet, the space to find what you really need in your life. Here are some highlights: Stop settling for the revolving hamster wheel you’re currently on One action you need to…

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Fear Can’t Be Trusted 

Oh, the thoughts that consume our mind.                  But are they real?  Is this you?  Afraid to be seen.   Afraid to be alone.   Afraid to speak your truth.   Afraid of confrontation.  Afraid of new things.  Afraid to start, afraid to not finish.  Afraid to say no.  Afraid when your kids mess up.   Afraid to disagree. …

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Growth tip: Be in situations that make you feel inferior.

I don’t mean not feeling good enough. I don’t mean having a pity party. I don’t mean comparing yourself to everyone around you. I MEAN… …challenging yourself to be better Be around people who are doing bigger things than you are Be in situations where they know more than you Be involved in a group…

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