You Decide 025: Callyn Johnson – Self-Care for Teens: How to Do It & Why It’s Necessary

We’ve all been there – low energy, sluggish and unmotivated. It’s true, sometimes we’ve pushed our bodies too hard, but sometimes there’s more to it than that. Cal’s back with some INCREDIBLE insights to share about recharging your batteries as a youth/teenager/young adult. As an athlete Callyn is very in tune with her body, and…

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You Don’t Have To Try So Hard

Last week I was looking for music that inspired me, represented me, for professional videos. I ran across songs like, ‘If Today Was Your Last Day’ (http://htchiro.com/if-today-was-your-last-day/), ‘Live Like You Were Dying’, ‘Imagine’ and of course many by Abba, Air Supply and Pat Benatar! I love music and after thinking about how I could inspire people…

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