The Black Sheep

You may be saying, “That’s me”!

What I’ve found is that most wish they weren’t. Wish they could have fit in, been normal and accepted. Or maybe you did try to fit in (kind of like shoving the square peg into the round hole) and realized that being normal isn’t what you want.

I’m praying that conforming with 99% of the population hasn’t dimmed your light or squashed you. This is what I wish you will start being in the world:

…the spark that radiates from you and that others need to see because you are a leader. And you show them the way. You allow them to see hope, to see change.

…the trailblazer that others need to know is at the front of the pack, paving the way. You share the impossible with a world who is looking for it.

…the microphone that others need to hear when they struggle expressing themselves. You give them courage to speak their truth, to connect, to forgive and trust.

…the presence that others need to feel when they are alone, scared and full of fear. You give them a reason and strength to keep going in the direction of their dreams. Even if it’s scary.


Listen. The world doesn’t need more white sheep. You’re out there, I know you are, so don’t hide. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be gray, dull and try to fit in. Never apologize for who you are because those that challenge you are only being challenged by their own beliefs and philosophy.

Stand up and stand out.

And never dilute the spark, the trailblazer, the microphone and presence of who you are. Because in the end the only person you are hurting is you.

I love you.

Dr. Tiff

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