The dreaded bull in a china shop

Known as being a “bull” for the majority of my adulthood, I started to believe that was my personality. Thankfully, because of a bazillion lessons and mentors, I’ve learned the difference between being BOLD and being a BULL. One is bravery and courage and one is protection (of my ego). Ever been called these?

  • “She acts like a bull in a china shop” = behaving recklessly and clumsily in a place or situation where one is likely to cause damage or injury. (BULL)
  • “She takes the bull by the horns” = deal bravely and decisively with a difficult, dangerous, or unpleasant situation. (BOLD)

 Bold is expressing myself even when I’m scared. Bold is setting boundaries with the ones I love the most and communicating clearly. Bold is saying what needs to be said, no matter how someone will receive it. Bold is taking responsibility for the stuff I say and do, and what I don’t say and do. Bold is seeing those for who they are, even if it’s not popular among your peers.

The bull is not synonymous with “the alpha” or dominant (what I once thought). When I would see challenge, fear, accusation, blame – the china shop would appear. With a lot of china and a big bull. Ugh, here we go again.

I saw negative before positive. I saw fight before calm. I saw problem before solution. And obviously, the lens that I “saw” through was my perception, it wasn’t real. I’ve witnessed hundreds of women break through barriers and the biggest one is…


Being defensive means = uncovering our Greatest Fear. Here are some examples: losing everything – going broke – health issues – poor relationships – success – not being heard/accepted – not being loved – not knowing your purpose.

What is the one thing that you get defensive about? Psst, ask your friends and family – they will be your mirror

= Your.Greatest.Fear.

Here’s to not being the guy that everyone walks on eggshells around. I haven’t mastered it, but am getting closer. I’m turning reckless into boldness. ❤

Progress over perfection.

Dr. T

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