The Minneapolis Miracle

If you’re a sports fan, well even if you’re not…the Vikings made the “forever highlight reel” in their last ditch option to advance to the NFC Championship. As the world was on the edge of their seat, I imagine the majority had lost hope. I mean, IF we can get a pass to the sideline to get us in field goal position, can we REALLY kick a 60 yd field goal. Come on loyal Vikes’ fans, we’ve been here before…

A few things to glean from this:

  1. Never lose hope
  2. Be the last man on the field, stay in the driver’s seat
  3. Don’t allow your past experience to dictate your current situation

I lost my voice, had a tear and peed a little because THEY DID IT! The last ditch effort play will go down as one of the best in history. Sports at this level allows us to watch PEOPLE CHASING DREAMS. It’s what keeps us coming back for more. It’s not about the specific sport, it’s not about winning or losing but it is about watching them come together for one goal, one purpose, with fierce pride for each other and their team, and for being ALL IN, ALL THE TIME.

And if you missed the game and replays or haven’t seen social media blow up, LISTEN HERE:

Go get that dream and remember: never lose hope, stay in the driver’s seat, never allow your past to taint your present.

Go Vikes.

Dr. T

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