THINKBG: That was the license plate that we saw driving home from a 3-3 basketball tournament last night. Who wouldn’t read that and notice their vibration higher? Their tummy flutter? Their heart and face smile? Surely not me.

It reminded me of a conversation I just had with our freshmen daughter 2 months ago when we were talking about her passions, interests which led into her college and career dreams. She asked specific questions about girls, women, health and mindset (this is how she wants to change the world). Then she asked about the difference between the two careers: 1) She was the chief 2) She was a helper to the chief AND she could still own a business in both careers. There was one big distinction: RESPONSIBILITY. Still pondering, I asked her, “Do you want to be the bridesmaid or the bride?”

“Well, duh, mom. I’m going BIG or going home.”

That comment makes me ask you: Where in your life are you not thinking big enough?

Cheers to dreaming and thinking big!

Dr. T

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