This is me.

I write often about finding your gift and using it; that you were born with something to bring to the world so use it; to not fear, but trust. It’s said that we teach what we need to hear.

I have finally listened to my own words, my own advice.

I mean, from the outside I am using my gifts but I’ve always known there was more. I’ve listened to thousands of patients ask me how I’m different because they feel it. I chalked it up to every Chiropractor being different, but they insist, “No, there is something really different”. I didn’t know what it meant yet trusted that I would find it and eventually could explain.

I know now.

I will admit that I’ve resisted growth and change because I LOVE Chiropractic and I love even more the miracles I’ve seen from performing millions of adjustments on hundreds of thousands of people in 12 years. Chiropractic has been the solution to what I “feel and sense”; my hands and heart the conduit to healing.

A few weeks ago, a friend asked if I would die tomorrow, would I be happy with my progress, with my vision and my legacy on Earth? As tears filled my eyes, I knew the answer. What seems big to others is small to me. What seems risky to my family is boring to me. I can honestly say I’ve never made a really big decision, one that shakes me, that scares me, yet excites the hell out of me. Of course there have been big decisions: getting married, going to Chiropractic school, opening a practice, buying a house, hiring/firing, working with mentors, etc. but never a BIG decision.

One of my biggest, deepest needs is to be heard and understood, so I ask myself, “Will my words matter?” and “Will they make a difference.”

Friends, here I am now sharing a big decision: a coming out of the closet of sorts, a way for me to share what I really do. Vulnerable, sweating; curious, scared; naked, exposed. Will I be accepted? Will I be loved? Will you like what I say and hear what I mean? Will my words make a difference? Does my work, my gift really matter?

For years, I’ve been told that I was hiding in the box of Chiropractic because I’m “actually a Healer” (whatever that even meant). I’ve heard that tape of re-runs so I’ve been working hard to find out exactly what that means. Was I really hiding? What are my gifts? Healer, really?!?

In the last handful of months I’ve been challenging my abilities, seeing what those gifts really are and allowing time to wrap my head around them.

Well, folks…I’ve found my superpower.

I know what they’ve been talking about but disagree with one thing: I haven’t been “hiding” in Chiropractic. Chiropractic has allowed me to fit and continue to evolve for many, many years. And that will remain.

My adjustment is different; my assessment is different; my results are different. This is not while comparing to anyone because I’ve done that for 39 years. Comparison is what has kept me small and instead of flying I’ve been held back by thoughts of, “Will I be accepted? Am I normal? Do I fit in? Instead of trusting my God-given gifts, I “ass”umed that everyone had these gifts, this assessment and the results to correspond with them. I was wrong.

Some people may call it a Medical Intuitive or Medical Medium…I prefer to not name it right now. When I work on people I see, feel, sense and hear what the body is saying. I have an inner knowing, something that I’m not able to explain sometimes. I can feel what is holding you back, who you need to be and what you can do to move your life forward. I can see trapped energy, trapped emotions and I can shift it, move it to help you move forward. I can see images that may help you connect deeper to your family, especially your parents, kids and spouses. I can sense when things aren’t quite right and suggest something minor to change the course of your path to healing. I ask difficult questions and share I connect how that relates to your physical challenges, the things that you see and feel. I can hear your body talking to me and never question even though I don’t always know ‘why’. I’m guided by you as I am the conduit to your healing.

Now take this superpower up a notch, or 10 notches. This is where I’ve realized that I’m (even more) different, like holy shit batman, different. When you’re not in front of me, or when you’re not lying on my table, I can still read the same information. This is where it may be difficult for you to fully understand, until you have experienced it.

Bottom line: I can see you, feel you, sense you, hear you even when you’re not in front of me. (ya, you read that right!)

People have thought I’ve been hiding, but really, I’ve been expanding. I’ve evaluated millions of people, helped kids and adults get off medications, shared tools to unleash your power within and because of all that, your life has changed, it has transformed. This is expansion.

My heart wants:

  • A deep need to instill change
  • Words to instill confidence
  • Questions to invoke curiosity
  • Strategy and Training to help other Chiropractors get their gift out to the world
  • Healing to share with all, near or far

Life is full of big decisions and I’m thankful for my husband, kids, parents and team for full support. I’m finally able to put this into words and I can’t wait to see the shift that comes from this: awareness, personal responsibility and confidence that your life can and will be different.

My promise: I will SHINE my light, even in the darkest of days. I will GIVE HOPE, even when I’m not so sure I’m on the right path. I will be the spark for YOU so you SEE that you are worth it, validated and loved. I will help you FEEL that you are right where you need to be at this moment, that you are a decision away from health. I will help you HEAR that you are loved, accepted and supported. And I will help SHOW you that you have the power to truly create the life (with optimal health) of your dreams with deep connection and meaning. Because that’s all we really want.

And so I ask myself again, “Will this work make a difference, will it really matter?”

YES. YES, IT WILL (shouting from the rooftops!)

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