Mama, Is Trying to Be PERFECT Tiring?

Yes, I’m a Chiropractor and I talk about Mind/Body Health for moms and your kids, but really…I’m human. I’m a wife, a mom, a daughter, friend and sister. Sometimes I have it together and sometimes I don’t. What I’ve learned in my life, though, is that it doesn’t need to be perfect. It doesn’t always need to be balanced.

Life isn’t about being perfect.

The woman I see come into my office strives for perfection, yet in the process misses the boat. She is striving so much that she misses the opportunities with her family, her kids, her work, her LIFE. She misses the journey because she is so focused on the destination. She doesn’t slow down. She doesn’t breathe, eat, sleep, move. She rarely feels ‘good’. She tends to give even though her gas tank isn’t full.  And in the process, she loses a bit of herself, so gradually that she doesn’t even know it happened, or is still happening. That love. That joy. That free spirit. She doesn’t remember her anymore.

Until she loses something big enough to wake her up.

Her health. Her marriage. Her work. Her kids. Her money. Her faith.

Don’t wait until you lose something for you to wake up. Quit worrying. Allow life to unfold without controlling it. Observe from behind the scenes, not always in the front line. See what others see, through their lens – especially a child’s.

It’s Magical. Beautiful.  Safe.

But it takes Presence. Patience.  Intention.



Dr. T

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