Toxic Positivity – Part 2 – Show up as you

Defined: The push for a mental state in which we only experience and show “positive” emotions.

 Omg, how exhausting would that be.

One of my last pieces I wrote was about Toxic Positivity. Words kept spewing out of my mouth, so I decided to write a few more thoughts.

I see Toxic Positivity show up consistently in women, but more in how they are showing up day-to-day. The “how you dress, how you act, how you interact” is a façade, a cover-up, a lead-in to feeling like an imposter (how we see ourselves is not how others see us). We’ve been taught that to live your best life, you need to put your best foot forward all the time. Well, if you’re sick, tired, sad and disconnected, don’t know where to turn and feel like life is falling apart, it doesn’t actually work. And is likely making you sicker.

What would happen if you let your guard down? Stopped pretending?

Acknowledge, Ask and Act.

Understanding where you are – but not settling…

Reaching out to those who love you – but knowing you’re responsible…

Taking 1 step today…but knowing it’s a journey…


Instead of hiding, step out.

Instead of holding your tongue, express.

Instead of walking away, lean in.

Instead of protecting your heart, trust your heart.

Instead of fearing not being accepted, accept yourself.

…even if this all makes you poop your pants a little bit.

Dr. T

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