Victim vs. Victor

When you make the unhelpful decision to stop breathing, lose perspective and forget you’re in control of your life – Jen Sincero

I love this. Because it’s the victim vs victor. Which are you? Do you succumb to ‘your’ stress, thinking nobody is as busy as you, has an unsupportive spouse like you, has kids who are involved in everything under the sun, has a job with a demanding boss and gossip-y coworkers who are all “Stressy Susan” because of this life given to you.


Do you choose this meaningful life with an amazing spouse (also stressed) who is providing for your family (including your healthy, active kids) while you make a mark in your own professional life knowing that everyone feels the same as you do:

Stressed. Overwhelmed. Anxious. Not good enough. Tired. Sick. Depleted.

But you chose this. Every part of it. God chose it. Every part of it.

You can choose overwhelm or allowance. You can blame or have faith. You can make the decision to NOT HAVE CHAOS in your life. But that is 100% independent of everyone else. It’s you.

You are in control of your life and your choices. Stay in the driver seat instead of the annoying back seat driver…

Dr. T

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