What you avoid controls you

With any health challenge, I always see a problem in at least one area (many times all 3):

  • Finances
  • Marriage
  • Confidence

That may have made your throat constrict. Your tummy twirl. Or maybe even brought tears to your eyes. Why? Because you know you need to go deeper than scratching the surface. It’s making you feel less than. And the longer you feel less than, the more difficult it is to have the courage to create a different result.

What you avoid will create chaos somewhere else. If it’s in your body, it’s showing up in your life.

When I was going through tough stuff 7 years ago, I stuffed what I was thinking and feeling, not wanting to inconvenience anyone because life can be hard for everyone.

Until the only thing I could do was ask for help as I didn’t know where else to turn.

Shame, guilt, confusion, anger, frustration. But I pulled the victim card – didn’t want to inconvenience anyone. And the shame card – didn’t want to be judged. The confusion card – I didn’t know what was up, down, left or right. The blame card – of course, it was someone’s fault. The anger card, the fear card – oh, I think I had a deck of cards!

But the 1 question that helped me the most was,

“What is the WORST thing that could happen?”

And in that list, I began to talk through each of them. Like I was writing a story. The difference was that the story didn’t end how I morphed it to be when I was only talking to myself, my ego side.

So if you’re struggling with money issues, there is a health component. Marriage challenges, there is a health component. Self-esteem issues, there is a health component. And vice versa.

Start somewhere by being aware. Ask yourself those questions and listen to what your heart and gut say, or how they feel. It will always give you the answer. Trust it.

What you hide from, you become a slave to. Life is short…

Dr. T

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