What’s Your Number?

This is maybe meant for a video as I have a lot to say and sometimes that doesn’t read well. Here goes…

There are 2 parts of you:

  1. the OUTSIDE
  2. the INSIDE

The outside is the feeling part.

The inside is the functioning part.

4 levels of Life:

  1. VITAL ROCKSTAR: healthy on the inside, healthy on the outside
  2. TOUCH AND GO: healthy on the inside, sick on the outside
  3. POWER THROUGH: sick on the inside, healthy on the outside
  4. OH SHIT BUTTON: sick on the inside, sick on the outside

You didn’t just turn sick yesterday. The “oh shit” button wasn’t accidentally pushed. It’s been blinking for months, likely years yet you didn’t listen. Stress is cumulative so the longer it builds, the longer it will take to heal bc it’s a universal law: Healing.Takes.Time. I know it’s annoying – us quick fix Midwesterners chase symptoms and want solutions yesterday but wait, personal responsibility comes first. You are the problem and you are the solution.

Be honest and know your number (based on what you feel, how you function and how you’re handling stress) and if you REALLY want to know…Find a Chiropractor. Because we test for what you may not feel…psst, only 6% of your body tells you how you feel so find a different meter to measure health.

Dig in:

  • Never blame another person or situation for your health or life.
  • Don’t tell lies: you’re not too busy, work isn’t that bad, your spouse doesn’t suck that much.
  • Excuses are like ________; everybody has them and they all stink…self-sabotage.
  • Make yourself a priority. Nobody else will if you don’t.
  • Your choices got you here and your choices will get you out.

You’re worth greater health than you believe. Act as if.

Dr. T

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