Who Cares About How You Parent

We are so damn worried about how other people see us. What they will think of our parenting, our kids’ hair, their mismatched outfit. Are we trying to read each other’s minds more than trying to build a relationship? Are we wasting our energy on anxiousness, jealousy and guilt that we have nothing else for love, compassion and hope?

Who cares about how you parent, how you live and how you look…as long as it works.

If you’re the family who co-sleeps and everyone loves it, do it. If you’re the mom who nurses their kids until they are past ‘normal age’, do it. If you’re the family who runs and bikes everywhere they go instead of carpooling, do it. If you’re the crazy mom who doesn’t let their children eat McDonald’s, eat cupcakes and drink Coke (even if it’s busy or if they’re at a birthday party), be that. If you’re the mom who dyes her hair red and gets a tattoo because you want to, do it. If you’re the couple who decides not to medicate your children, even when EVERYONE around you is “quietly suggesting” it, stick to your guns. We make decisions on how we feel, what we believe, even if we can’t explain it.

Focus on what feels good for you and your family.

And don’t be ashamed. If people are more interested in saying how crazy and weird you are rather than sharing what they love about you, you’re hanging around the wrong peeps. Spend time with those who value your thoughts, ideas and lifestyle. What matters is authenticity. Keep your identity as a person and as a family and BE AUTHENTIC.

Get some kahunas and continue to create the best damn family ever!

Dr. T

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