Who Doesn’t Want the Quick Fix When Your Kids Are Sick???

Yes, a big topic…and sometimes controversial.

As I sit at my table attempting to work between the distractions of Gavin groaning because his tummy hurts, I started thinking about what I know about how the body works, what I do with other kids in my practice, what I recommend to other moms, blah, blah blah…then I think, Holy !@#$, how we feel as moms is MUCH different than when I adjust a family.  I am able to look objectively, be an expert, be a sounding board and not have emotions take over.  But with our family and our kids, we just want them to feel better.  FAST.

To recap: He had a meatball sub from Subway last night after baseball practice. Real meatballs? I think not. Real bread?  Nope.  I do know those stats (and you can check out the latest Subway ingredient list at your convenience), but have learned to let go of some of my ‘have to’s’ with food in my family.  It’s made me much happier and I’m not always seen as the ‘crazy mom’ or ‘ruler of our house’. I’m still trying to figure out how to let go of some control  🙂

This morning he woke up with tummy cramps and has been puking and pooping.  He’s never been sick with the stomach flu or food poisoning so he didn’t understand what was happening.  Everything I know goes out the window for a few moments.  Those who have adopted similar thoughts and feelings about health can relate.  I started thinking instantly, “What can fix this the quickest?”  As a child, I remember taking alot of pink stuff/Pepto Bismol and Ibuprofen/other pain relievers when I had pain or discomfort.  Then I realize that this isn’t about me controlling him.  It is about allowing this expression of health to move through and to communicate with him on what this means.  Then I trusted again.  I trusted his body and my philosophy of health.

My reason for sharing this story is to show that I am real and so is my family. Am I uncomfortable when someone in my family doesn’t feel well? Yes. Am I always confident that I’m doing the right thing at the right time? Not always. But just like everything, I continue to do what I do best – give people love, support and hope and tune in to what I can do to help (and sometimes that is nothing…did you hear that moms and dads???).  He didn’t want an adjustment.  For a minute I took it personally; then realized that all he could do was curl up so his tummy wasn’t stretched.  Did I force it (because I know that will help the speed of healing)? Absolutely not. If he is resisting, I will not force it.

I wanted to share my experiences, knowing that we moms (and dads!) all have the same feelings when our babes don’t feel well.  But stay the course.  Be patient.  Trust in your child’s body, especially when they don’t.  And call, text or email me anytime.  I’m here to help you help them.

Much love and gratitude for all of you who trust in me to take care of your children and family.  It is the biggest compliment I could ever receive from you.

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