Why is your dog fat

Maybe you’re too busy to play or walk. You don’t have enough money to feed him healthy food. You’re not patient enough to properly train him. Or how about this one: he’s genetically like this, look at his mom and dad!

Do you believe that?

Where else in your life do you find reason to not take responsibility, to not look in the mirror, to not look at the problem enough to find solutions? Where do you find yourself blaming, making excuses and lying to yourself to make us feel better, to preserve the ego.

What other problems do you have?

  • Your health is struggling
  • Your kids are misbehaving and always sick
  • Your boss doesn’t listen to you
  • Your coworkers gossip
  • Your schedule is sooo busy
  • Your sex life sucks
  • Nobody understands you
  • You’re broke

Why is your dog fat?

Dr. T

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