You Decide 006: Dr. Staci Blume – Risking It All For More

Dr. Staci uprooted her life of luxury and comfort and booming practice in Minot, ND, when she committed to living bigger, with Nate, the love of her life. She left her practice, her family and her identity behind and trusted her heart as she moved to Indiana, married Nate, inherited 2 amazing step sons, had a baby and they opened their practice together. What a ride…here is what she learned: 

  1. The right decision doesn’t mean the easy decision
  2. Knowing if everything she’d created was gone, she would still be ok 
  3. Not knowing where you are in the journey is the best thing 
  4. Change the course of your life by never thinking “same thing, different day” 

Find out more about D. Staci here. 

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