You Decide 008: Callyn and Dr. Tiffany Johnson | Find Your Team: How Sports Can Affect Your Life

Everything I know I learned from sports. ? I joke, but it’s kind of real. Growing up with active, competitive parents, it’s what we knew.  Our family time was spent in gyms and hotels with the people we loved the most. It’s what 90% of my high school memories were made of.    

That’s why we decided to raise our kids in the same environment. 

Can it be a grind? You bet.
Can you go too far? Most definitely. Have I? Pretty sure… 

But the truth is, we live and learn through teams of all kinds: not just in sports. Being a part of something bigger than yourself, is so important. So, especially if you’re a teen or adolescent, go and find yourself a team – it could change your life.    

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