This is an incredibly special episode. Keely Schlichting and her family have faced one of the most difficult years: losing their son’s best friend to brain cancer. The impact Landon (12) has made in our community led to the mayor naming a day after him, the beginning of a foundation and Landon’s Light – a funeral with so many attendees it needed to be moved to an event center to accommodate it.

Landon’s impact on our community is of course, nothing like the impact it made on their family and so many thousands of people. Their family mantra “Live like Landon lived” has guided them through healing. Keely learned how to “wake up”, fill buckets, navigate the needs of her child, create space for her family to experience these huge emotions, and her take on remaining present, is something you simply have to hear for yourself.

You can find out more about Landon’s beautiful tribute here.
Find out more about his foundation here.
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