This episode will blow your mind! Former (human) counsellor Tara Argall, found her true calling as an animal communicator. Most of her clients approach Tara with concerning behaviour in their pets, and are shocked by what they learn. The animals in our lives understand everything, often more than we do. As Tara explains, they read energy and hear our thoughts.

Tune in to find ways to connect with your furry ones, and great info on diet, detox, supplements to help your furry ones heal.

More about Tara Argall 

Her training and background is in counselling and she was a licensed counsellor for over 20 years. She has been an animal communicator all of her life, energy practitioner for over 15 years and is also an artist. She looks at life through a very creative lens and knows that our emotions, beliefs, thoughts, relationships, environments, and diets affect our health and the health and well-being of our animal companions. Over the past five years, she has created an energy system that can be utilized by anyone, called Trailblazing Communications.

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