In these unprecedented times, many people who would NEVER have considered homeschooling ?‍♀️, are finding that they are doing just that ?! Amanda and her husband Greg, have been homeschooling their three kiddos for the past 6 years. In this episode we talk about what works for them, what doesn’t, and how they balance all of this with a few businesses to boot!

Join us as she graciously shares their experience with us, and drops a bunch of tips, resources and “gold nuggets” along the way. Her insights on figuring out what makes kids tick, will help families far beyond the reaches of this pandemic, and well into setting your family up for connection, success and a fulfilling life of learning – inside or outside of the school system.

Don’t forget to tune in next week for Part 2 of this awesome conversation.

About Amanda:

After a health journey with Lyme that lead Amanda and her family to a gluten-free, mostly paleo, organic, and all-natural lifestyle, Amanda reinvented her family’s way of life from the ground up, centering around health, wellness, and stay-at-home living. She is often referred to by those who know her as a cooking queen. She is a proud mother of 3 homeschooled children, a life partner with her incredible husband and business partner/entrepreneur. She strives to instill in herself and her children the values of positive mindset, continual self-improvement, and lifelong learning.

Some of the resources mentioned in this episode, can be found here:

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