Hi friends! It’s part two of my incredible talk with homeschooling mama, Amanda Kilwein. Tune in for tips on resources, how to structure your days and mindset to get you through these troubling times.

If you missed part one, you can find it here!

About Amanda:

After a health journey with Lyme that lead Amanda and her family to a gluten-free, mostly paleo, organic, and all-natural lifestyle, Amanda reinvented her family’s way of life from the ground up, centering around health, wellness, and stay-at-home living. She is often referred to by those who know her as a cooking queen. She is a proud mother of 3 homeschooled children, a life partner with her incredible husband and business partner/entrepreneur. She strives to instill in herself and her children the values of positive mindset, continual self-improvement, and lifelong learning.

Some of the resources mentioned in this episode, can be found here:

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