Just as COVID-19 has “aggressively coaxed” many people into educating their children at home, Marilyn felt forced to remove her son from the school system, and homeschool him instead. Reluctant from the word go, she didn’t know that homeschooling would eventually save her family from a horrible fate, and actually move them from a place of hopeless depression, to a place of joy and intention.

A former Special Ed teacher – Marilyn never thought she’d be using her skills for her own son. But when Wyatt started to have significant trouble at school, things went from bad to the worst very quickly. His aggressive behaviors at school, started to spill into home life, and life became hell.

In their darkest hour, murder/suicide actually become a viable option. A real one. They had nothing left.

Marilyn’s commitment to her family, self-improvement and relentless pursuit of answers led her into many “coincidences” she felt were divinely inspired.

From overwhelming despair, shame and loneliness, Marilyn graciously walks us down the path she took, that led to a place of joyful homeschooling and enjoyment with her son that she never thought would be possible, and wouldn’t trade for anything.

Listen up: You NEED to hear this.

About Marilyn

Marilyn is married to Dean and they have two children ages nine and 14. Marilyn has always enjoyed wearing a variety of hats over the years but one she never expected to wear was the hat of a homeschool mom. Marilyn has a degree in elementary and special education and after teaching for a few years shifted gears to work in the non-profit world serving people with disabilities for over 25 years. Marilyn is currently The Chief Visionary Officer for Trailblazing Communications. She finds great joy in helping people release the trauma and drama in their lives so they can experience more abundance and freedom.

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