The world has been forced into a state of incredible change – how does it sit with you? For some it’s great, and has been a time to reconnect and boil life down to what truly matters. For others, not so much.

This time has called on all of us to pivot. To change our focus and direction. Amidst the challenges we have been blessed with some down time, and in it I’m hearing reports of values and priorities shifting, old habits and beliefs being shrugged off, and seeing the things that matter in a whole new light.

This applies in non-corona life too. When life taps you on the shoulder and says, “Hey, something’s off”, do you avoid and numb it to escape the call to pivot? Maybe it’s the message you’ve been waiting for – encouraging you to pivot towards alignment and opportunity.

When it feels like the chaos around you is stronger than you are, I am incredibly happy to share that you are wrong! Sometimes simply taking a step back in life and seeing it “zoomed out” gives us all the perspective we need.

In addition to listening in, I want to invite you to my online event, designed to transform your body and mind in time of fear and uncertainty. It’s tomorrow (Thursday, April 16) and it’s going to be amazing! Learn more about it here.

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