You really want to be mediocre?

I noticed a few things last week in perceived human limitations of people close to me. Key word: perceived. People who “used to be competitive” were complacent with their new normal. And now compare themselves to Average and Mediocre.

Those words make me wanna puke.

How much life will you live if you are average – average health, average happiness, average fitness, average net worth, average joy, average friendships, average trust?

Does average keep us unseen and unnoticed? Are we afraid to be great because we will stand out? Or are we afraid that we may fail on the way to greatness?

          Comparison will rob you of YOU.

And why is there a tendency to compare more as we get older? Do you think that people are healthier, happier and richer as they age? Hell no, they are told they are even MORE average than before. The average adult is taking a handful of medication every day, do you want to be average? The average weight of an American is “overweight”, do you want to be average? The average % of divorce is 50, do you want to be average? The average stress level is HIGH, do you want to be average? The average joy level is LOW, do you want to be average? The average kid is addicted to sugar and technology, do you want your kids to be average? The average person doesn’t read/learn new things, do you want to be average? The average person is too busy to make health a priority, do you want to be average? The average person is too miserable to make other’s day, do you want to be average?

When their bodies are saying “RUN” they sit. When their voices are saying “SPEAK” they whisper. When their hearts are saying “LOVE” they retreat.

I know someone who runs a marathon every year to be great, not average. When you listen to the fear of failing, one fear will lead to the next. And eventually, if you don’t strive for greatness every day, you will succumb to the comparison, the average, the mediocre. You find yourself squooshed into a box. And the box eventually suffocates you, allows no room for growth and with time, that is your new normal.

What if we were unapologetically committed to excellence, in all areas of our lives? What would that look like? Do the behaviors of the unapologetically committed look like your current self?

Break out of the box. Stretch your legs and arms, reach out and push those cardboard layers up and out. Then jump.

Just like in life – stretch.reach.push.jump.

          If your body says, run, RUN. If it says speak, SPEAK. If it says love, LOVE.

Dr. T

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