YOU – The Problem. The Solution.


You can’t blame your heart disease on your grandpa. Your allergies on the seasons. Your depression on your crappy living situation. Your anxiety on your mom. And not only do you have stress, you stress about your stress and worry about your worry. You feel anxious that you’re anxious. You feel scared that you’re scared. You feel depressed that you’re depressed. You feel angry that you’re angry.


You are the problem. And you are the solution.

Bob Harper says that there are 4 factors in losing weight: Diet, Exercise, Mindset and Stress Mgmt. He taught millions through his workout DVD’s, books and multiple TV shows (The Biggest Loser) that DIET was the #1 lifestyle factor…until he had a heart attack. Now, he teaches that Stress Management is the #1 factor in Health (and weight loss).

So the heart disease isn’t about the genetics. The allergies aren’t about the harvest and the freeze. The depression isn’t about your job, home, relationship (or lack of). The anxiety isn’t because of the high expectations, worry and being too busy. The anger isn’t about how rude your boss and coworkers are.


You’re the problem. And the solution.

Address your stressor(s) in the face. Acknowledge that your health is the result of your past choices but have grace, do not judge, do not dwell and just get on with it. Start here:

  1. Find a Vitalistic Chiropractor (test how your body handles stress and change, connect your brain and body to restore function)
  2. Write down your stressors (all of them – even if they seem like “no big deal”)
  3. Write down your symptoms of those stressors (psst, symptoms are a way to tell you that something is out of balance…they are NOT NORMAL)

You are worth it. Start living without limits, without excuses. Fight for what you want and what you believe in so that you don’t stress about the stress any longer.

You are the solution.

Dr. T

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